Sherbrooke Tasting Room Presents: A White Wine Tasting

When: Friday June 7th, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where: Sherbrooke Tasting Room
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Wine Tasting

Rare Whites

Is white wine the most misunderstood category in the beverage world?
Join us and our friend Joe Gurba in the tasting room to find out!

Joe will be guiding us through an incredible lineup of RARE white wines as he challenges our perception of white wine's as easy drinking, thin and over-perfumed, or butter bombs that smell more like popcorn and whiskey than any kind of fruit.
In this tasting we are going to explore the white wines of depth, complexity, and ageability, the wines that break these moulds, challenge assumptions, and make our eyes water with their intoxicating beauty.

Please join us!

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