Beer Club

Beer Club 2.0 is a unique and interesting way to introduce yourself to the world that is Craft Beer. It provides the opportunity to try a variety of styles in a relaxed and social environment, and makes a great gift for someone who is eager to learn about and sample fabulous beers. Alternatively, it’s a great forum to share your love of beer, and to prove to fellow beer drinkers that you deserve to wear the tights and cape reserved exclusively for the truly passionate Craft Beer Lover!

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Wine Club

The Wine Club will introduce you to hidden gems on our shelves. With somewhere in the neighbourhood of 14,000 different varieties of wine available in Alberta, sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees (Or is that “grapes for the vines”? No matter.) We choose interesting and unique bottles that
you might not think to pick up on your own. And we include extensive tasting notes, so that you can dazzle your next dinner party with your expertise!

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Wedding & Event Orders

Sherbrooke Liquor provides a full selection of wine, spirits & beer for wedding parties to suit any budget.

  • We can help you decide what to serve and determine how much you will need.
  • We offer competitive discount packages including liquor licenses and delivery.
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