Sherbrooke Liquor is known for our extensive beer selection, but that’s not all we’re about… We make a point of carrying everything you want and everything you may not yet have realized you want.

In addition to a dizzying selection of products that you’re familiar with, we also carry seemingly-impossible-to-find products like Akavit, Bitters, Slivovich, Limoncello, Absinthe, Cachaca, Sake, and Grappa. And naturally, we have a variety of great gift sets, tasting glasses, novelty items, wine bags and more. If it can’t be found in other stores, chances are: we have it.

Our array of products is so extensive, it would be a Herculean task to include them all. But rest assured, we’re adding as many as we can to this catalogue on a regular basis.

Want to ensure someone gets a special treat?

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