Beer Club Membership

Beer Cubs!

Beer Cubs is Sherbrooke’s newest rendition of Beer Club. We keep all the best parts of the club and augment it with a super survival scouts theme. Plus bears.

Sherbrooke’s Beer Cubs offers a well-rounded program, offering beer drinkers, tasters, and sippers of all levels the opportunity to experience new things, to have more adventures, and develop into confident, capable tasters.

How does it work?

Just like before, purchase Beer Cubs online or in-store. You will need to register for Beer Club after purchasing at
Your code was handed to you at the till in-store or is the receipt number of your PayPal purchase.

Beer Cub subscriptions begin in January, April, July, and October. Please purchase your subscription understanding that you Beer Cub will begin on the first of the next quarter – Beer Cub Subscriptions cannot be started on any other dates. Beer Cub boxes are available for pickup from the 1st-10th of each month.

Beer Cubs receive six beers in a box each month. Beer Cubs also have the opportunity to attend Troupe Meetings, earn Beer Badges, and meet important beer people.

Beer Me

Beer Scouts!

What if Beer Cubs is sold out for the quarter? What if it is February, September, or another off month? What if I cannot afford it this quarter, but can save up for next quarter?

Try Beer Scouts! Just like Beer Cubs you will have the opportunity to earn Beer Badges – but that’s not all! You will be placed on the Beer Cubs waitlist, receive a list of what is included in each Beer Box, and get to Scout out other beers and badges.

Purchase a Beer Scouts membership for $10 in-store, then register at