Crowler Champs

Is your neighbour just so great? Truly a champion of Edmonton?
Do they coach the local soccer team, help chickens cross the road, or spend every summer weekend volunteering at festivals?
Do they help you shovel your walk, encourage carpooling, or give the best hugs?
No matter what makes your neighbour great, it’s time to nominate. 

Nominate your neighbour for community camaraderie to
show your appreciation.

Sherbrooke Liquor will award one proud citizen of Edmonton as a Crowler Champ each and every month. If your great neighbour wins, they are gifted a free crowler of choice each month for a year. Entries are not limited – nominate every conscientious neighbour you know each month. Talk about nominating them on Twitter or Facebook by tagging us and using #CrowlerChamp for up to two extra entries per month. 


Need all the nitty gritty? Check out the rules and regs.