Blindman Brewing Chromesthesia

Lacombe Alberta
8.71% ABV

Blindman Chromesthesia

A Blend Crafted Exclusively For Sherbrooke Liquor

Blindman Chromesthesia

Chromethesia is a unique blend of Blindman's Triphammer Robust Porter aged in Church & State Rousanne wine barrels, Perepllut Barleywine aged in Burrowing Owl Cab Franc barrels, and Jean Turn 4 Mixed-Ferment Saison. The end result resembles something akin to a Flanders Red with vinous notes of sour cherries and oak combined with dark malt notes of brown sugar and toffee with just a hint of smoke and spice.

"This blend Is WILD! It was an absolute honour getting to work with Blindman on this one."

Stephen Bezan