Sherbrooke Tasting Room Presents: Rosé & Orange • A Wine Tasting

When: Thursday September 21st, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Where: Sherbrooke Tasting Room

Rosé & Orange Wine

A Wine Tasting

Join us on Sep 21 for our fourth guided wine tasting with Joe Gurba of VINO AL VINO Imports!

Ever find yourself thinking you love or hate some rosés or orange wines but not all of them? A great deal of difference hides behind these umbrella terms. Perhaps we can uncover which methods and styles you love and what it is you love about them.
So far we’ve explored the winemaking choices that give us so many styles of Sparkling, White, and Red wines. For this tasting we’re taking on the in-betweener’s: Rosé & Orange wines!

Come taste through six very differently made (and supremely delicious) wines and hear all about what makes them tick.

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