Winesday with R&R Nov. 30, 2016: Alma Negra

30 November 2016
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30 November 2016, Comments: 0

Winesday with R&R Nov. 30, 2016

Alma Negra

In 1898 a young man by the name of Nicola Catena left Italy and sailed across the seas to Argentina.   Grapes were, and are still, the mainstay of the family.  “…he firmly believed that he had found the promised land in Mendoza, where he planted his first Malbec vineyard in 1902.”   People associate Malbec with Argentina for good reason.  However, its roots are in Bordeaux France where it was (and still is) one of the six varieties used in making the world famous Bordeaux wines.  Malbec, like Nicola, found a new home in Argentina and flourished. Over a number of years with vision and determination the family became one of the largest vineyard holders in the area.

The 1960’s were tough in Argentina and therefore not very kind to the family either.  At one point Domingo Catena had received advice from his son, Nicolás, that it didn’t even make sense to harvest the crop one year.   Domingo couldn’t see the grapes hanging on the vine and he harvested anyway.  In the 1960’s Nicolás took over the company.  There were some tumultuous economic years during this time.  In 1982 there was the Falklands war.  Although it was over in about 74 days, it had a huge impact on the whole country that lasted for quite some time.

In the early 1980’s Nicolás, who had a PhD in Economics, went to Berkeley Campus of the University of California to be a guest lecturer in Economics.  His heart obviously was still in Argentina.  When he returned back home he had a renewed vigor and vision for the family business and it has thrived ever since.

Why is all of this history important?  Well, Nicolás’s son started his own winery in 2003 called Bodegas Alma Negra. 

“Alma Negra is made by fourth generation winemaker Ernesto Catena, eldest son of Nicholas Catena Zapata and brother of Laura Catena. With degrees in Computer Science/Economics, Design, and History. He is a legendary Bohemian, renowned for his insatiable curiosity and passionate viagra sans ordonnance devotion.”  The name of the winery, Alma Negra, literally means “dark soul”.

The 2014 Alma Negra “M” Blend is said to be a “M”ysterious blend. In reality it is produced with Malbec from Vista Flores in the Uco Valley and Bonarda from La Vendimia in Eastern Mendoza.  The Malbec goes through carbonic maceration and the skins are co-fermented with the Bonarda.  The resulting wine matured in barrel.”[i]   Come taste a little Argentinean history this Winesday November 30th.

Alma Negra M                        cspc:  863761

$18.90 (Winesday Price)*      $21.00 (Regular Price)*

*Price correct at time of printing.  Price subject to change without notice.  Price does not include bottle deposit.

[i] Liquor Art


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