Talking Pints #11 - Vince Schaeffer

3 December 2013
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3 December 2013, Comments: 0

About the Episode

ChimayBlueMonks are known for three things: prayer, beer, and kung fu. Two of those fall outside the purview of this podcast, but what remains makes fine fodder for a festive podcast. This month’s show is all about ale produced by Catholic monks in Belgium.

Our guide through the many pitfalls and Trapps that lie in wait for the unwary is Vince Schaeffer, vice president of sales and marketing for Horizon Beers, import company extraordinary. Listen in to learn all about dubbels, tripels, and quadrupels, and also the Other Michael Jackson and the benefits of altruistic monastic arson.

Photo Credit: Cogocogo’s Flickr Stream


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