Beer Advent Calendar

The Craft BeerAdvent Calendar is back for a fifth year

What’s in the box? Beer! Beyond that you won’t get any more hints out of us- you’ll just have to get it and find out for yourself.
Dying to find out what’s behind those little doors? Here’s your chance – the calendars are now in stock!

2016-craft-beer-advent-calendar$150 each; limited supply.



Okay, got one! Now what?!

Official BeerAdvent Operating Instructions

Lovingly appropriated from our friends at Craft Beer Imports

  1. Give a great big hug to whoever gave you this fantastic gift. If you bought it for yourself, give yourself a high five.
  2. Put the box where you can easily get to it everyday, but where your spouse or roommate won’t steal it. Buying an extra Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar for your spouse or roommate is a good way to prevent theft of yours.
  3. Start on December 1. If you start on a later date, no problem, we’re confident that you will catch up…but be sure to pace yourself.
  4. On every morning of the BeerAdvent®, open the window marked with the number of that day and take out the bottle.
  5. Get excited about the beer you are holding in your hand. Check out the brewery’s website if you want to learn more.
  6. Put the beer in the fridge and let it chill for a few hours.
  7. Get dressed and maybe go to work and hope no one at home takes your beer. See Instruction #2 on how to reduce the risk of someone taking your beer.
  8. Come home from work and grab the beer out of the fridge. Select a beer glass of your choice and pour the beer into it.
  9. Enjoy the beer with your eyes, nose and mouth… but don’t pour any beer into your eyes or nose.
  10. On days 1 to 23, start dreaming about tomorrow’s beer. On December 24, start dreaming about next year’s Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar, which will feature 24 entirely different beers. Maybe another hug or high five is in order.