Growler Care

Proper Care and Maintenance of Growlers

So you’ve got a Growler – now what?

• STEP 1: Buy your new growler from us and fill it with your favourite choice of beer or cider from our rotating taps

• STEP 2: Take your fresh growler home, congratulate yourself on such a smart investment and then celebrate with said beer or cider

• STEP 2.1: Brag to your friends about how smart and savvy you are (maybe share some beer?)

• STEP 3. Once you have poured out the last drop, rinse your growler immediately with ONLY hot water. Don’t forget the cap and don’t use soap!

• STEP 4. Let your growler dry upside down in your sink or dishwasher.

• STEP 5. Once your growler is dry place the cap back on it and return to Sherbrooke for a refill!

These simple steps will ensure your Growler will take care of you for many fills to come and save us all from the dreaded Growler Funk!