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12 February 2018
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Sake Stuffs: The Honjozo Showdown

12 February 2018, Comments: 0

SAKE STUFFS: THE HONJOZO SHOWDOWN Hello again, and welcome back to you new favourite bi-weekly-ish Sherbrooke-curated Sake-focused blog series! So far, we’ve touched on […]

15 January 2018
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Sake Stuffs: A Sake Breakdown Starring Tengumai

15 January 2018, Comments: 0

SAKE STUFFS: A SAKE BREAKDOWN STARRING TENGUMAI The Brewery:  Shata Shuzo The Sake: Tengumai Yamahai Junmai Why You Should Try it: Brewed at the […]

2 January 2018
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An Intro To Sake Stuffs

2 January 2018, Comments: 2

An Intro To Sake Stuffs: Hello! Welcome to the very first edition of Sake Stuffs, a regular look at Sherbrooke’s ever-growing selection of sake. […]