Beer Stuffs January 31st, 2018: An Intro to E9

31 January 2018
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31 January 2018, Comments: 0

Beer Stuffs: An Intro to E9.  

Established as Tacoma Washington’s first craft brewery in 1995, Engine House No. 9 (or commonly referred to as E9 Brewery) is located in a former…umm…Engine House that was built in 1907 to provide fire protection in Tacoma’s north end. Today, the brewery is known to be fiercely independent and strives to use the best possible ingredients in the world to craft unique brews that have garnered them much fanfare and awards. Indeed, they are fresh off their second consecutive win as best mid-sized brewery at the Washington Beer Awards, which is no small feat considering the amount of quality breweries throughout the state.

We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to share with you 7 limited releases of Wild Ale, fruit-blended, and barrel-aged beer from the brewery. Check them out!

Beersel Dreamin’ [Belgian Pale Ale; 750ml Bottle; 6.8% ABV]: Inspired by the spontaneously fermented beers of Belgium (the name is likely a reference to the town of Beersel and the brewery there that brews some killer Lambic), Beersel Dreamin’ is bottle-conditioned with brettanomyces (wild yeast) to give it a distinctive earthiness and funk combined with an incredible drinkability. Refreshing. Complex. Unreal.

Catharsis [Barrel-Aged Saison; 750ml Bottle; 5.7% ABV]: Catharsis finds E9 giving their Saison the barrel-aged treatment resulting in a funky, floral, and spicy ale with notes of pineapple and citrus combined with a refreshing dry finish.

The Duel [American Wild Ale; 375ml Bottle; 5.8% ABV]: Pitting the brewery’s two favourite fruits against each other, The Duel showcases bing cherries and red raspberries facing off amidst a tart American Wild Ale (brewed with wild yeast) backdrop.

Amour Aux Myrtilles [Farmhouse Ale; 375ml Bottle; 6.3% ABV]: Hold on to your hats, this one is wild! Amour Aux Myrtilles is a blend of barrel aged farmhouse ales brewed with blueberries from Diamondback Acres. Rustic. Complex. Tart. Get stoked.

Le Visiteur [American Wild Ale; 375ml Bottle; 5.7% ABV]: A collaboration with Swiss brewery Brasserie Trois Dames, Le Visiteur is a blend of Wild Ales with additions of blackberry and nectarberry. Jordan Keeper from Trois Dames was the mastermind behind this one as he tasted through many barrels and fruit varieties to come up with a blend that was just right.

Wild Tacoma Cherry [American Wild Ale; 375ml Bottle; 5.4% ABV]: A nice and light yet incredibly complex sour ale brewed using a native Tacoma yeast strain and barrel aged with cherries from the E9-fave Diamondback Acres.  

Frambuesa Moka [Barrel-Aged Stout; 375ml Bottle; 8.2% ABV]: Get fired up Stout fans, this one is fantastic. Frambuesa Moka takes a rich, chocolaty stout base and adds raspberries from Serino Farms to enhance and compliment the beer’s inherent dark fruit character. Plus, it’s barrel-aged so you know it’ll be unreal.

A fan of this selection of E9 brews? Well, you should probably also check out the lineups from Le Castor, Dunham, and Anchorage Brewing who have also delved in to American Wild Ale territory and do fantastic job of it. Enjoy!


–Stephen Bezan is the manager and purchaser of all things cold at Sherbrooke Liquor (beer, cider, sake, coolers, Rockstars). He also has an irresponsible obsession with potato chips.

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