Beer Stuffs: April 10th, 2017

10 April 2017
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10 April 2017, Comments: 0

With the dark blisteringly cold winter evenings behind us (hopefully!), it’s time for breweries to start rolling out their new limited releases. Indeed, spring is perhaps the most versatile time for seasonal beer drinkers as the warm, sunny days call for crisp, refreshing brews while the cooler evenings beckon for robust dark ales. In other words, there’s plenty of styles to choose from no matter what your taste!

4 Horsemen of the Hopocalypse [Various IPA Styles; 4x473ml Cans; Various ABV]:

If you’re looking for a specific style of beer to enjoy this Easter, there’s nothing wrong with reaching for something nice and “hoppy” (hoppy, like bunnies. Get it? It’s hilarious). Clearly, Edson’s Bench Creek shares that sentiment with the release of three brand new seasonal IPA styles to join their flagship White Raven IPA.

Flint & Steel is a quenching Session IPA with a delightful citrusy hop kick while Northern Grace Red Rye IPA has a dark caramel and toffee-like malt base to stand up to the fruity West Coast Hops. Finally, the superb North East-style Double IPA Apex Predator packs a punch at 8.2% with layers of juicy tropical fruit notes, golden hazy appearance, and silky smooth mouthfeel. Together with the classic award-winning White Raven IPA, Bench Creek unleashes the 4 Horsemen of the Hopocalypse.
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Wild Rose High Harvest [IPA; 650ml Bottle; 6.5% ABV]:

For their latest seasonal release Wild Rose hits a high note with this hemp-infused IPA. As a portion of the malt bill, hemp flour adds a distinctively smooth texture to the beer while the dank hops add a blast of tropical fruit flavour followed by a refreshing bitterness.
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Dandy The Jungle Bird Dark Sour [Flavoured Sour Ale; 650ml Bottle; 5.0% ABV]:

As Calgary’s first nano-brewery, we can always count on Dandy producing utterly unique and memorable seasonal releases to complement their stellar lineup of flagship brews. Case in point is this highly anticipated spring release modeled after the classic Tiki cocktail. Expect notes of demerara sugar, bitter lime, and tropical pineapple coupled with a refreshing tartness to create a truly exceptional ale.
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