6 September 2017
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6 September 2017, Comments: 0

Beer Me

Sherbrooke Liquor is excited to present a full selection of wide-ranged beer events throughout ASBA’s AB Beer Week.

From October 20-28, Sherbrooke’s Tasting Room will host eight beer events, from Hallowe’en Candy to the highly regarded Jason Foster, you won’t want to pass up AB Beer Week. All events require pre-registration on an event by event basis. With the exception of Beerios,

which begins at 10am, all events are from 7-830pm.

This same week, our Barrel Tastings feature Alberta Only Floor Pours – stop in from 4-7pm everyday to sample something new.

Registration is Simple

Simply click on whichever event you and your Sher ol’ pals are interested in, then register!

October 20th – Untapped Presents AB vs THE WORLD Part I

October 21st – Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous TBD

October 23rd – Bench Creek Presents Hallowe’en Candy Pairings

October 24th – Blindman Presents a BRAND NEW PRODUCT (launch)

October 25th – Jason Foster Presents Rarities and Newities 

October 26th – Craft&Dandy Presents Desserts&Candy

October 27th – Untapped Presents AB vs THE WORLD Part II

October 28th – Phillip’s Presents 10am Beerios


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